My first blog.

I decided to start a blog … Awesome!.. I have no idea how to start one or what to write about… Even better!

It would be easier if there was an example of a blog with rules and guidelines to follow while I write a blog, but I have realized that there are no rules to blogging. That is one purpose of this blog, I always wanted to blog but thought it was for a select group of people. Or I could never choose just one thing to blog about.

I started this blog(site) with the intentions to provide helpful information for family and friends who said that they could never start a blog of their own. Like I mentioned in my extensive about ramble,I would like to also give them a place to post their interests and stories of what they have learned in their lives. My plan ultimately is build a site about “real life” and have a lot of posts and blogs..the real “nitty gritty” of a good website.

Why Blog?

Many amazing reasons why you should set up and publish your own blog. In this amazing time of the Internet a blog is like having a business card. You can use it for any number of things. Some awesome reasons come to mind like journaling your life, making a special place to tell about family events, self promotion, selling products , or information (making money online), becoming a part of a larger community you are interested in, showcasing your favourite hobbies or collections.. I can go on and on, the possibilities are endless as you can imagine.

I can’t find a negative point to blogging. The only problem is not knowing where to start. It stops me dead in my tracks or I get information paralyzation if there is such a term. But my goal here is to show that anyone can blog. As I continue to research blogs I realize that most explore specific niche, this is something that I have found to be the basics of blogging, talk about something your passionate about.

Why don’t YOU start a blog?

I have noticed a great many of people have already started blogs and write about specific interests, and there are others that are general. Also I notice that if you want your blog to be recognized on search engines then your chances are better if you focus on one passionate topic. But if general is what you got ,then use it. The only thing stopping you is the fear of the unknown. Like I was told by many people “watch what you put online”..or “don’t put anything online. It will ruin your real life”. Look we live in an Information Age …times are changing.. I’m truly old school so talking myself out of starting is easy. I know that I’m like most people who are resistant to change and try unfamiliar things. But it’s a natural emotion to have. I have to be willing to push my boundaries just a little to explore new areas that seem intimidating if I’m to make moves forward. And if I really want to get my voice out into the universe.

Blog writers block, Questions, get unstuck.

Let me tell you something, I over analyze things until I paralyze myself. I think that everything I do has to be perfection. This is the biggest reason why most people who have something to say don’t blog. So many questions come up and there is no one really to ask. Perhaps it because there are no rules to blogging.. Just the limits of your imagination really.

I wrote this blog with the hopes of giving some quality info, and its my motivational “kick start” to start something new and stop questioning everything I consider trying.

Something personal. For those who have read this far… Let me just say that I appreciate you. Even the fact that I don’t know you at all means nothing. The fact that you actually took time to read this just puts me in great respect for you. I am no way a writer or computer genius. And it took me a long time and several attempts to make this blog but it’s with pure enjoyment. This was made as an example for people to show even you can do it too.

If anyone falls upon this blog or site, I would love your feedback or what you found to be helpful. And anything you feel that can tweak this is greatly appreciated.


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