Too many “make money online”

There are so many sites claiming that they can teach you how to make money online.(which ones are good?)

Most of the sites that I have come across want you to join or buy their formula. (Isn’t it that their way of making money online?)

I have even come across some that use recruitment marketing on top of a yearly membership fee, leaving me to ask how do you make money if your paying into it so much?

I do believe there is a lot of good free info out there, using your good judgement of course, pick out the good stuff that works. And try new things out.

I don’t believe you have to pay crazy amounts of money to learn to make money online, but I do believe you have to invest in yourself to learn to do it.

To be honest I made this blog at first to make money, but my motives have shifted slightly. I’m finding some pleasure from blogging. And I obviously realize there are no get rich quick formulas out there.

I think that making money online takes hard work…but it’s the work that I want to do.



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