Alright let me try to explain what I think homeprovision is.(besides providing automated service to home with groceries and supply).

Let’s break down the proper definition. 

Provision is the act of providing .The fact or state of being prepared before hand .

To stock, equip ,outfit, furnish,

This is the definition of what I want this site to be, it’s purpose and mission.

To give provision in all aspects of life to achieve fulfillment. I believe that is my ultimate calling in life, to live beyond expectation and be not only a success but ultimately fulfilled.

  • Mentalprovision
  • Bioprovision
  • Spiritprovision
  • Workprovision
  • Homeprovision

I believe giving proper provision to these aspects will lead to a fulfilled life. Some focus must be given to each point individually because there are sub points in each.

This is a concept that I believe will work, some more growth and study must be done to reach some better structure.

I took this concept from someone that I admire . Stefan James Pylairnos. 

And he has his own Project Life Mastery, which he gives credit to his concept to Tony Robbins.


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