Just want to share.

I just want to share something with you that really made me feel genuinely good inside.

A feeling that I can only describe as being fulfilled or empowerment. Let me try to explain.

I take the same route to work everyday, I take the same route to do groceries.

I go about my business most of the time not paying attention to other people around me.

Recently for the past couple of months another gentlemen along my route  stops me and asks for the something that I think is out of the ordinary.

“Hey man? What’s the forecast for today?”… This is what he says to me. At first I didn’t even know he was talking to me, thought maybe he’s talking hands free or to Siri. So I ignored him at first.

He didn’t push or repeat himself, he just waited till the next day and asked again.

This time I responded with “I have no idea” he smirked and said, “Tomorrow then”.

The next day he asked again “what’s your forecast?”

This time I pulled out my phone to check my weather app. And I showed him the weather. He laughed and said “thanks I know that already”.

To be honest I kind of had to look up the meaning of forecast because I was sure it was weather related right? Well it is, also it means to cast before hand. To project or impose.

He wanted me to tell him what I wanted the day to be, not what is predicted.

It’s a small gesture from a stranger, but it went a long way.

We do encounter people for reasons we don’t know. But when you find out a meaning or reason. Wow what a feeling.


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