Hi so glad you found this page. Let me start by saying I appreciate you for even taking time to read this..          

  • This is just a photoblog…..
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started this about 6 months ago when the world to me was coming to an end…(again) thats why I have a bunch of stuff written on the bottom, so I decided just to write on top of it all.

I’m the king of dabblers trying to find my way around .. So I decided to drive towards a passion of mine with my garden and flowers and such things. Using quotes and my photography to remind me of this new and opposite path I’m taking in this end of life.

This is dedicated to help people automate their daily household provisions.
In other words a centre where all groceries and beauty care are all delivered to your home,so you don’t have to run to the store. And it so happens you forget something or stand in long lines at the cash and then the logistics of carrying it all to your car. I’m hoping I can put all affiliate links here to serve this purpose. This about page will be better soon.

This page is going to get long I think

Perhaps this can turn into a hub for all my family members to come to and get to blog also and lay down their words of wisdom to the universe.

Perhaps it can hold memories because there will be a time when it will be lost to dementia. I am not a writer or blogger by any means but it is my understanding that there are no rules to this.

This is an about page right ? So let’s lay it on the line and see where this goes.

About me(straight up)

I am a 40 something husband of 20 years and father of three , I worked for 15 years in the Transport industry driving a forklift. I have lots to say I think but my thoughts are many and simultaneous at times or all the time. Imagine I’m just going to ramble and jump.. That’s what these should be called rambles or rants….well maybe not rant so much,I would like to keep it as light as possible.

I am going to break certain aspects of my about me in separate pages and see how the works , because I don’t even think I want to read this after..