Dogs are loyal, patient, fearless, forgiving, and capable of pure love. Virtues that few people get through life without abandoning at least once.


In search of a niche.

A niche.. Something that your skilled in. (?)

Or perhaps a passion . (?)  

Do you really need to be skilled in it ..or can it show a learning. (?)

An Entertaining experience . (?) 

I’m writing this to exercise my mind to find my niche. This may have no interest to you the reader.( obviously if not myself reading this) . Let’s list some real life issues and passions.. 

  • Forklift 45. I’ve driven a forklift for 15 years. Offloaded thousands of trailers, handled all sorts of freight, all at high speed.
  • My life or my wife. 20 years of being with her … Must be a passion right? Coming from a sex driven independent rebel at the beginning. Then having children. Becoming a work driven asshole and neglecting my one true fulfillment in life. Now realizing that to fully give is the secret to my success with her.
  • Whatever man as usual it stop here because I’ve run out of ideas. As usual I’m going to leave this here and perhaps continue on later. I’ll post anyways even if it maybe wrong to do so.